Macanum Wheel 100MM

The set of 100mm (4 inch)Mecanum wheel includes 2 right wheels and 2 left wheels. Each wheel is comprised of 9 rollers. It is driven independently.Mecanum wheel can be capable of moving in any direction,no need to change the directions the wheel spin.Every of the four wheels contain a series of rollers which have an axis of rotation at 45° to the plane of the wheel in a plane parallel to the axis of rotation of the wheel attached to its circumference.



Number of wheels:4

Diameter of each wheel:4 inches(100mm)

Width of each wheel:50m

Number of Rollers each wheel:9

Number of Plates each wheel:2

Body material: Aluminum alloy

Roller material: PP+PE

Spacer Material: Nylon

Length of roller:19mm

Net weight:400g X 4

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