Macanum Wheel  203MM

The 203mm Aluminum mecanum wheel is a heavy duty wheel. Each wheel is comprised of a series of rollers, mounted so that their axis of rotation is 45 to the axis of the main wheel.As the wheels rotate in sync, the vehicle moves forwards or backwards normally, but by spinning pairs of wheels in opposite directions, the rollers enable sideways movement. Put it all together, and you can move laterally, diagonally, or spin in a circle.



Diameter: 203mm 

Width: 78mm 

Number of Rollers: 12 

Number of Plates: 2 

Body material: Aluminium Alloy 

Roller material: Nylon 

Spacer material: Aluminum 

Length of roller: 67mm 

Diameter of roller: 31.2mm 

Net weight: 6.5kg 

Load capacity: 150Kg

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